Our effective management guarantees the satisfaction of your customers at all stages.



Our system enables you to manage all customer-related operations, as it makes it easy for you to store and organize records and information of current and potential customers, manage projects and tasks related to them in the organization, and manage the roles of employees in it.

System features

Customer management

  • Store and organize contacts
  • Sorting customers by sales and marketing purposes
  • Automatic update of customer subscriptions
  • Heat map of customer concentration areas


  • Managing financial payments and contracts
  • Summary of sales financial position
  • Issuance of quotations
  • Issuing and following up invoices

project management

  • Create projects and add employees
  • Enable the client to follow up on the progress of the project
  • Manage and follow-up technical support tickets
  • Expense management and technical support


  • Analyze data and use it in activities
  • Facilitate retargeting
  • Automatic update of customer subscriptions
  • Connect with the platforms to send offers

Appointments and meetings

  • time tables with daily summaries,
  • Automatic invitations according to the schedule
  • Reminders for appointments and meetings
  • Managing events and delivery times